About Us


Ideas can be achieved

I am a Garden Design graduate from Capel Manor College. I was born in Hampstead and went to school in Highgate. I lived a stones throw from Hampstead Heath where I spent a lot my childhood. I also studied Permaculture design here in the UK which then took me off to Southern Tuscany, Brazil and Australia where I was involved in a variety of projects.

These days I manage a variety of gardens and run a small, successful garden design team of multi skilled gardeners. I have a strong passion for what I do and have a real knack for putting plants together. I never repeat the same design. Your garden design will be totally unique and tailored to you and your world.

In the past I have worked as a gardener at The Barbican Centre looking after the many gardens and water features there. I have worked with many award winning designers too including a Chelsea Gold Medal winner.

I believe that you can have a garden of your dreams. All you need is a realistic attitude the right budget and lots of patience, gardens don’t grow over night. I have hundreds of satisfied customers and over the years have quietly built up a pretty decent reputation.

I am not in the habit of documenting online all that I do or on my website but I can assure you that ideas can be achieved.

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